"Being obsessed with all things lip gloss, we were thrilled to discover Hurraw!... the slim oval tube
fits seamlessly into a jean pocket for comfortable portability...enough variety to stash one in every pair
of pants you own... these beautiful balms make us say - you guessed it - Hurraw!"

"Not sure what we love more: the organic, raw, cruelty-free ingredients or the delightful flavors
like Root Beer and Chai Spice."

"This super smooth lip balm is unlike any you've ever tried ... fun flavor combinations, adorable packaging
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"The holy trinity of lip balm is elusive: shiny, but not gluey or waxy.  Hurraw! Balm meets these requirements,
plus it's tasty and made with vegan safe ingredients. The stuff is like a warm bath for your lips...
licorice was our favorite. Now go to Columbia Heights and make out with a tofu-eater."

"All natural lip balms come in playful flavors and go on luxuriously smooth."

"'s not just your run-of-the-mill vanilla and mint...the balm comes in flavors like cinnamon, licorice
and even chocolate. Good thing it's packaged to fit snugly in your back pocket, because this sounds like a lip-smacker
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right back to our love affair with Lip Smacker"

"Get your kisser ready, a new line of moisturizers that are raw, vegan, not too sticky, and pretty much perfect."

"These pure natural balms fascinate us! They have a playful design and leave lips beautifully soft. Available in 19 flavors!"

"Sampling the World's [Top 5] Healthiest Skincare Products (March/April 2011).  Springtime lips require a soothing balm
and Montana-based Hurraw! has a great one!  The balm is lasting, effective, and not too smelly or greasy"

"Hurray for Hurraw! Balm!  This yummy new line of lip balms is just plain wonderful:  all-natural, organic,
fair trade, vegan, and oh yes, did I mention yummy?

"It's no secret we love lip balm, a good balm is our go-to makeup product.  I'm excited to tell you about
a brand I just discovered, Hurraw! ... their new beverage line, coffee bean, chai spice and green tea - each of them delicious.
I can't say enough good things, so: Hurray for Hurraw!... it's a lip balm with integrity."

"...kept my lips soft all day with only one didn't melt in my pocket like many other organic lip balms.
packed a smooth healing punch...and the unorthodox oval shape made it easier to find in the bottom of my bag...
it has a permanent home in my purse."

"...When it comes to lip balm, most people fall into one of two categories: those who believe the organic, all natural versions
are worth $15+ price tags and those who still swear by their Bonnie Bell obsession from middle school. Hurraw! make it their mission
to merge these two extremes. Their line of handmade lip balms has everything we love about the expensive brands -fair trade, raw and organic
ingredients - along with the cheap price and awesome scents of our drugstore $3.79 each it's never been easier or cheaper
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"...I look for products that are not only tasty, but will keep my lips feeling as soft as possible for as long as possible.
That is why my latest obsession is Hurraw! Balm...they never fall out of my pocket and they're easy to find at the bottom of my purse...
How cool is that?"

"...they are all so tasty... at first the balm melted right onto my lips and I thought it was going to be one of those greasy lip balms
I can't handle. You know the kind. But these aren't. After a couple of minutes the texture changes and it's very light, yet the balm lasts
on the lips for quite a while... they provide a thin, moisturizing, non-shiny layer of protection."

"Hurraw! lip balms... include no petroleum jelly... not too draggy, too glossy or too reminiscent of 8th grade balms with cloying fruity aromas."

"Hurraw! natural lip balms are velvety smooth without being sticky or greasy like most petroleum-based lip balms.
Hurraw!'s makers are just as obsessed with creating the perfect natural lip balm as I am with collecting the best natural lip balms...
[their] standards are high... The tinted balms add a hint of color without overpowering a makeup less face; you get that just-kissed look
plus a hint of cinnamon tingle (I love that!)"

"Go ahead, lick your lips..try one of these [Hurraw!] lip smacking-balms made with ingredients natural enough to eat."